About Us

Insignia Signs & Display Group Limited were formed in June 2009 and through substantial growth expanded into the UK in 2015.

We are three companies, namely www.taxiwrap.ie | www.wrap.ie | www.insigniasigns.ie
In recent years our business has developed to provide branding and imaging for commercial vehicles. Whether it’s a sole traders van or a full fleet of commercials, we will provide a stunning visual expression for your brand.

The art of visual merchandising is an age old tactic in an effort to maximise sales. You are displaying your brand in order to create awareness and curiosity. The aim is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making enquiries and ultimately completing the final purchase.




If you never get second chance at a first impression then you must make the most of your signage and display opportunities for your business.

At Insignia Signs & Display we strive to create signage and displays that become a commercial tool for your business.

We are active across a number of industries and sectors and can work with you to come up with the best visual solution for the space or vehicle required.

You can take a look at who we’ve worked with here and if you’d like to give in touch all our details are here.